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Get A Price

So How Does It Actually Work?

Glad you asked, friend!

As the name implies, Social Selling is, well...social! And oh so simple. You'll make money in two main ways.

Get A Price

We have limited spots available, and we want to save one for YOU! 💃

Our proven system will help you get started without all the time, money, and effort you would invest if you launched on your own. And you'll have our amazing team to help you every step of the way! 

We offer weekly training, regular communication, and one-on-one coaching to help ensure you're successful.

We also limit the total number of shops in each area so you are set up for success. No over-saturation here, friend! We are adding new shop owners each week, so snag your spot before your area fills up.

All that for a FRACTION of what it would cost to launch on your own. Most new boutique owners pay $10k-$20k to get started, and $3k-$4k per month. With us you can get started for just a few hundred dollars. For all we do for you, that's not a deal, it's a steal! :) 

Check out some testimonials from some of our VERY FIRST shop owners.

We are now working with shop owners selling $10k, $20k, $30k, or even more every. single. month. We'll be updating our site with some of their testimonials soon. :)

4th grade teacher quits job, launches boutique, sells $42k in 7 months

Stay At Home Mom Launches Boutique & Sells $55k In One Year

Jill Sold $1800 Month 1 And $32k In 8 Months

X-Ray Tech To Boutique Owner, $33k In 9 Months

Here Are Some Of Our Recent Products You Can Start Selling Today

Take a look at the descriptions. You'll notice we provide you with everything you need to start selling! The pics, the description, the measurements...

You can literally just copy, paste, post, and start taking orders.

We also provide a recommended retail price, but you can choose your own price! Some shop owners sell for a few dollars more than the recommended price. Others take more of a discount approach, and sell for less. You get to choose your price (and therefore your profit) for each item.

The prices you see below for each product is your wholesale cost.